My week in pictures

This is how my week has been spent… Less than 2 days until my 4.25 hour exam with 170 questions.  Less than 3 days until Chicago. Just trying to keep my head above water! (also…. I will never try to cut for a tournament the week of a big exam ever again. Sheesh I can make poor life choices).

Feeling pretty good about both. Everyone at the Academy has really made me step up my game, and I’m as prepared as I can be! But that’s not first priority… This exam is. So back to the grind!


Edit… White belts aren’t fighting until Sunday so add a day to that one.


8 thoughts on “My week in pictures

  1. Jiu Jiu

    Excellent! We are gi sisters! "You can't teach heart" – I really love wearing this gi. It's quite different than so many others I've seen.


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