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Toledo BJJ Open

Yesterday was the Toledo BJJ Open, and my teammates did awesome! I was proud of everyone who had the courage to step out on the mat and compete. It’s definitely a different world from training in the academy, and it puts your mind and body to the test. So whether you won or lost, be proud of yourself! And if it was your first tournament, you’ve taken the first step and that’s awesome.  Ribeiro took home a lot of medals 🙂 And to my knowledge there were only 2 minor injuries, so yay for that! And I got to spend some time socializing away from the library, so that was fantastic. Always good to surround yourself with positive people who can make you laugh and temporarily clear your mind.

Also got to go to my church’s festival that’s put on every year with a group of 7 girls I went to grade school with (kindergarden all the way through 8th grade, and most of them went to the same high school as me as well)! It was really great seeing them all again, crazy that it’s been 10 years since we graduated from 8th grade. Made me feel old reminiscing and talking about where everyone in our class is these days.

Refreshed, and already back to hitting the books (and the video lectures and practice questions) hard.

Have a wonderful week, everyone! Whether you’re studying, working, or enjoying summer vacation remember that you should love what you’re doing each and every day because you’re giving up a day of your life to do it.

(P.S. a HUGE thanks to all my family and also to my friends who are making this time a whole lot less stressful and much easier to manage with all your support and going above and beyond. Love you all!)
    —a super special shout out to my mom for all the food, stress relieving bike rides, and unlimited hugs and my youngest brother for always making me coffee when I need it 🙂

Friends since grade school! SJS pushed us to bigger and better things. Here we have  a journalist, a pharmacist, a future PT, a future MD, a teacher, a entrepreneur, and a nurse! 


Friday Study Motivation Video

I woke up this morning and thought, wow it’s only been 5 days. 31 days of studying left. 32 days until freedom. That seems impossible. Then this showed up on my Facebook news feed, and I realized, once again, that one day this will all pay off. Keep pushing on, M2s! We can do this.

It’s always a good idea to change your perspective.