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100 days of Happiness

I challenge all of you to 100 days of happiness. 

This challenge is simple. Every single day snap a picture of something that makes you happy, whether on your phone or in your mind. Because in this crazy, hectic, stressful world that we live in is also a beautiful, fun, wonderful, awe-inspiring world. It can be something simple – a great cup of morning coffee, lunch with friends, a patient who says “thank you”, no traffic, your favorite song, a free cookie, a word of encouragement, a smile in the halls of the hospital, a great run, a tough training session, a call to a friend/family member, or even just a resident who after borrowing your favorite pen remembers to return it. 

I know that there is something in every day that makes you happy. Because no matter who you are, everyone deserves to be happy.


Also…. I promise within the week to share a post on a day on the other side of medicine. Life has thrown me a few curveballs lately, and writing had to be pushed aside for a bit. Stay tuned.




Happy Valentine’s Day to all those medstudents spending it in the hospitals/clinics! Because abscesses, boils, URIs, HTN, DM, lap choles, appis, well care checks, strokes, hysterectomies, and femur fractures mean just another day for us! Which, let’s be honest…. we secretly love.

So for those of us who’s true love is MEDICINE, happy Valentine’s day from medicine 🙂

What Keeps You From Getting Better at Jiu Jitsu: Fear

A Skirt on the Mat

Ok, it’s one of the things that keeps you from getting better at jiu jitsu, but it’s a pretty big thing that we all face, and should talk about.

I’m going to indulge the 13 year old in me for a moment and relate today’s post to the lyric of a song that I enjoy, “Dear Death Part 1” (the band is Emery, in case you’re wondering)

“It’s the wrong side of fear that kept me out”

We could nitpick this phrase all day until it doesn’t make sense anymore, however I feel it can be applied to parts of our jiu jitsu journey…career…adventure? Adventure, I like it- we’re sticking with that phrase for now.

As I mentioned, we all have to face it as some point: the fear of failure, the fear of making a mistake, creating a vulnerability and being swept, submitted, etc. We put so much time…

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