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Real Medicine and Teaching BJJ

Quick med school update: I officially started working in the clinic/hospital and I LOVE it! I actually get to put the years of knowledge and skills we’ve gained to use. And the patients are wonderful about it, and the physicians at UTMC are incredible mentors and teachers. I’m currently in neurology, a specialty I thought I would never be interested in, and actually am seriously considering a future in it. We’ll see what happens!

Jiu jitsu: One of the greatest things happened a few weeks ago: Chris (my coach) asked me if I wanted to help out with the teen class. Quite honestly, I think that’s better than any medals I’ve won or stripes I’ve gotten. I see it as trust that Chris has in me and that he sees that I’m improving enough to help teach and help coach the teens. I’m so grateful. Well first, because now I get additional classes in, and second because you learn so much more when you have to help show a move or coach kids through it. I absolutely love it. (But then, I’ve always loved teaching: I was an assistant dance teacher in high school, a teaching assistant for chemistry in college, and now I get to help with jiu jitsu!) I feel incredibly lucky and honored to be given this opportunity. Plus, the teens are the closest to my size, so getting extra training in with them is really helping me out, probably more than them some days.

We have a tournament next weekend, and I’m excited! It will be my first tournament at blue belt, and a bunch of my teammates are also competing so it will be a great day. Win or lose, we’re all out there to learn where our strengths and weaknesses are and to improve our jiu jitsu! Taking home a medal is just a bonus.

I found this quote by Marcos Souza, and I thought it summed up everything I think those in jiu jitsu should know, so I’ll leave it here:

None of this lasts long: the fights, the gold medal and the prize money. The medal will rust one day, the fights will be remembered by only a few people and the money is almost gone. The most valuable thing in Jiu-Jitsu is the opportunity to live special moments forever. Whether at breakfast, a hotel, in practice all together and even in the sauna, in every corner you have fun. The friendship and the good times last forever. The rest is fleeting, there are people and moments in Abu Dhabi that I will carry in my heart forever. Some people don’t really know what Jiu-Jitsu can do in your life and give more importance to be the champion or to a simple gold medal. Another important lesson: if only a few believe in you, fight for the few who believe. It is for them that you should give your best, no matter what others say. The dream is yours, chase it.