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100 days of Happiness

I challenge all of you to 100 days of happiness. 

This challenge is simple. Every single day snap a picture of something that makes you happy, whether on your phone or in your mind. Because in this crazy, hectic, stressful world that we live in is also a beautiful, fun, wonderful, awe-inspiring world. It can be something simple – a great cup of morning coffee, lunch with friends, a patient who says “thank you”, no traffic, your favorite song, a free cookie, a word of encouragement, a smile in the halls of the hospital, a great run, a tough training session, a call to a friend/family member, or even just a resident who after borrowing your favorite pen remembers to return it. 

I know that there is something in every day that makes you happy. Because no matter who you are, everyone deserves to be happy.


Also…. I promise within the week to share a post on a day on the other side of medicine. Life has thrown me a few curveballs lately, and writing had to be pushed aside for a bit. Stay tuned.