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Happy 2014!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays! I definitely enjoyed catching up with family and friends, sleeping in, and getting to my To-Do List that had been untouched for months.

2013 was a big year for me between USMLE Step 1, starting my clinical rotations, getting my BJJ blue belt and 1 stripe, and everything in between. 2014 will be even bigger. This year I finish my required clinical experiences, apply for my away rotations, take USMLE Step 2CK and CS, apply for residency positions, and go to *hopefully* several interviews on top of whatever BJJ brings my way. So that means in the next few months I have to decide WHAT it is I want to spend the rest of my life doing, which is terrifying.  (Although I am leaning toward surgery at this point as I am very much a hands-on person).

I used to believe in making a list of resolutions for the new year, but most of them I’d forget about by mid-February (ok, let’s be honest by January 10 usually).  So instead I started having a “theme” for the year. Last year’s theme was improvement. This year, my theme is to live. One word, simple enough to remember day after day until December 31.

Like I said, this is going to be a very busy year. And 3rd year, which I’m told is the greatest year you’ll ever have in medical school and even residency, is halfway over. I only have, potentially, 1.5 years left in Toledo with my family, my friends, and my Ribeiro family. So what I need to focus on this year is truly being present in every moment and soaking up and enjoying everything I can. I have a tendency to wish time away, and this year I’m going to make sure I truly appreciate the time I have.

So be here, now. Live for the day you have and not the days coming. Tackle each problem a day at a time and never let the minutes slip away. Do not merely exist. LIVE.

Happy New Year! Wishing all of you a year of happiness.

Also, you should all check out this post by a female Ribeiro brown belt about the difference between a winner and a champion and how to live life by the Ribeiro virtues.